We designed customizes unique templates to our client. Also sale to international market. Please take a close look to our template standard.


The ObjectDevice is in business of providing following services
Software designing, development and implementation,
Financial Management Advisory Services,
Data Porting/Reorganization Services,
Development/Improvement of internal controls/procedures in the context of office automations, and
Project Management Services for Hardware/software acquisitions. 


ERP development - Our specialization
We are specialized in designing and providing of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions at enterprise level and have extensive experience of working with medium and small size organizations.

These organizations include Education, Manufacturing, Processing, Construction, Services, Financial and Forex sector business concerns.


ERP - Your need
Our ERP, for the business management integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing/production, sales and marketing, finance, and human resources management.

For the purpose of identifying the scope of work, and to provide start-to-finish project management, we conduct some evaluation procedure, which include: the evaluation of the existing computerization resources, the understanding of business operational process, source documents with internal control procedures in practice, and reporting requirements of middle and top management. 


Post implementation results
The ERP enables the management to control operational activities more effectively and its added security features ensures the protection from human error factors. The required periodical reports, conventional accounting/management reports and customized graphical presentations, are generated at click of a key, which are always required by a highly motivated management for decision-making.